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The Pancake Debate

How do you make your pancakes? Like thin crepe wannabes or like thick, hearty, American PANCAKES? What do you put on top? Jelly, butter, or maple syrup? Your answeres to these questions dictate how I think about you and your culture and determine if we can be friends or not. Ok, but jokes aside, how... Continue Reading →


As my mother and I got on the topics of tsunamis earlier today, a memory from early in my exchange popped into my head. Sometime in November of 2018, between learning German, going to school, and adjusting to the almost daily rain, my German companions notified me that a Sturmflut would happen at the Dockoog... Continue Reading →

Regression to the Mean

I won't lie to you, undertaking the challenge of becoming an exchange student doesn't come without its ups and downs. Although it will probably be the best year of your life, one of change, reflection, and growth, there will be days where you question why you decided to be an exchange student in the first... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving: Deutsch und Vegan

As half of being an Exchange Student is sharing your Culture with your Host Country, I took November 22nd as a prime opportunity to do so. With the entirety of my family celebrating Thanksgiving together in the States, I decided to make my own celebration. In the middle of November, I began finding recipes, making... Continue Reading →

Kalt und Müde

Some days all Germany has alloted me is being cold and tired, or so I thought. One of these such days was the 23rd of September. That day was the last day of the Late Orientation camp for AFS exchange students in the Northern Germany region. When the last activities were finished and the last... Continue Reading →

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