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The Belgian Stereotypes are True

When I thought of Belgium before my Europe tour via wohnwagen (camper) started, I envisioned pommes (French Fries), and chocolate. I honestly had no idea what the country had to offer, and I was pleasantly surprised. We visited three towns in Belgium, each with its own surprises.


Gent surprised me the most out of all the towns we visited. Being a university town, the nightlife was bright and there was much to do. We found a vegan burger restaurant and I felt right at home between the quotes about sustainability and climate change. ❤ This town was also where I got to enjoy great beer, and possibly the best chocolate I’ve ever had.


Another must stop in Belgium was the Atomium. Yes, it is touristy, but you MUST go if you are Belgium. It is a piece of history and my host parents describe it as the Eifeel Tower of Belgium. I’m quite happy there was fog on this day, it made the pictures look even cooler.

I didn’t even know Manneken Pis was located in Brussels. If you don’t know what that is, take a look at the following statue. I’m not exaggerating when I say I had to fight a wall of other tourists to get this photo.

Continuing with the piss theme, we visited the slightly-less-well-known Jeanneke Pis, the girl version. Legend has it, if you throw a coin in there, your love with stay with you forever (or something like that). I threw in a coin for good measure. BTW, this statue is in a very inconspicuous location at the end of a seemingly normal-looking street. Just keep walking and you’ll find it.

At this point, why stop? We followed Brussel’s pee obsession all the way to Zinneke Pis, a literal statue of a peeing dog. It really cracked me (and Molly) up. w3Xe5oV6.jpg

Misc. Brussels discoveries:

I swear this was the BEST vegan (or not vegan) sandwich I have ever had.


This town stood out the most to us because of the food. Here is where I got my fries and some unique findings. Other than that, Bruges felt a lot like a town set up fakely for tourists. So, there weren’t many photos taken.

Above: Fruit cup with bee pollen, and a matcha latte with something that had the taste and texture of potpourri.

All in all, Belgium exceded my expectations when I comes to food and peeing statues. I will gladly return in the future.



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