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As my mother and I got on the topics of tsunamis earlier today, a memory from early in my exchange popped into my head. Sometime in November of 2018, between learning German, going to school, and adjusting to the almost daily rain, my German companions notified me that a Sturmflut would happen at the Dockoog (Where you can access the sea in Husum). A Sturmflut is almost like a mini tsunami in the sense that large amounts (relatively) of water move up and cover the coastline. Unlike a tsunami, a Sturmflut is caused by a storm, not an earthquake. I really didn’t know any of this before, but it is a part of Northern German culture.

So, after school we drove to the Dockoog to sea the ocean covering the border to the land, where you can usually see signs, steps into the water, and the stones that create the physical border. But, what I saw was so much cooler! The ocean had really encroached on the area normally reserved for sunbathers (when the sun comes out), and the winds were so strong that I needed no real effort to stand. It was really beautiful and I hope some day I see another one.

I hope you enjoyed my small Husum “tsunami”.

Next stop in the blog: Belgium

I hope to see you there,



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