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Medieval market

On a very sunny, humid, and hot day in June, I went to my first Medieval Market clad in a floor length mideval style dress. Reagrdless of the heat wave that it became in the relentless midafternoon sun, Silas and I saw mock fights, ate nougat, and drank beer in medieval attire and fashion.

I felt very sorry for the demonstrators for the fight because their clothing and armour must have been absolutly unbearable, but they put on a very good show. Demonstrating and educating about different mideval weapons and ending with a fight or two, it was very entertaining. I even got to learn how to throw an axe!

Throughout the market were animals, like these adorable pigs I almost took home. I found it quite ironic people were petting the animals, then ordering huge platters of meat, though.

Despite evidence of modernity scattered here and there, like smartphones or modern drinks, I ended up really feeling like I went back in time.

We did end up finding a little bit of cool in the form of some trees and beer. I hope this wasn’t my last mideval market, the history geek in me enjoyed every minute.



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