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The Belgian Stereotypes are True

When I thought of Belgium before my Europe tour via wohnwagen (camper) started, I envisioned pommes (French Fries), and chocolate. I honestly had no idea what the country had to offer, and I was pleasantly surprised. We visited three towns in Belgium, each with its own surprises. Gent Gent surprised me the most out of... Continue Reading →


As my mother and I got on the topics of tsunamis earlier today, a memory from early in my exchange popped into my head. Sometime in November of 2018, between learning German, going to school, and adjusting to the almost daily rain, my German companions notified me that a Sturmflut would happen at the Dockoog... Continue Reading →


My blog about Luxembourg will be about as proportionately long as the country itself. In short, we drove through the country on our way to France, and the entire country was one big traffic jam. I was in a gas station, but I failed to see anything remarkable or unique. I didn't even take a... Continue Reading →

Medieval market

On a very sunny, humid, and hot day in June, I went to my first Medieval Market clad in a floor length mideval style dress. Reagrdless of the heat wave that it became in the relentless midafternoon sun, Silas and I saw mock fights, ate nougat, and drank beer in medieval attire and fashion. I... Continue Reading →

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