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What Traveling across Europe in a Camper is REALLY Like

Two adults, a teenager, and a dog set out in a camper to see Europe. This is that story. (Broken up into several posts). This is part one.

Germany (The beginning)

We started at home in Husum, Germany, packed for two weeks, and drove to Lüneburg, a town about 30 minutes from Hamburg, in Lower Saxony.luneburg 9


I started the trip with homemade chocolate pastries from my boyfriend, who I dearly missed during this trip.

luneburg 6

This town is extremely old, with the first signs of humans appearing in the Neanderthal period and the first record mentioning the town being in 956 AD (According to Wikipedia). The architecture is Medieval and gothic, and the town seems to hold the proudness and grace of an old woman who has seen way more than you. Along with Lüneburg being a medieval town, it is also home to Leuphana University, one of my top college choices. The program of my choice is Global Environmental and Sustainability Studies, a rare-to-find English program specifically made for international students. The university campus itself was very open, calm, modern, and we were allowed to walk wherever we wanted- all of the doors were open, allowing us to view the classrooms. I didn’t take any photos, but here is a photo of the brochure I got with the main building on it.

The town itself was very charming, with multiple old churches, medieval houses, extremely old bakeries (which I lost the photo of), and cobbled stone streets.

I noticed several vegan restaurants while I was there, and the woods where our camper was parked was only a few minutes from the town. All in all, I loved Lüneburg.

In the next post, I have some of the most embarrassing moments of my exchange year in France. Oo La La.

Until then,



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