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Partying with German Punk Rockers: Less Scary than it Sounds

Since arriving in Germany, I’ve been loving trying new things, whether it’s food, sports, traditions, or even music. One of these things I did two weeks ago. Being raised on Fleetwood Mac and classical music, I’ve never gone to a punk rock concert before. So, when my boyfriend invited me to a one a few months ago, I jumped at the opportunity. The music he showed me from the bands was good, and it carried anti-nazi, anti-fascistic, and pro-equality messages. Better than most of the music on the Top 100 Charts. For this trip, we gathered together a motley crew of punk rock enthusiasts and me, an obvious newcomer to the punk rock scene. I knew I was in for a language, culture, and eardrum shock.

The venue itself was really impressive and different from anywhere I’ve ever gone before. It felt very open and welcoming, yet the decor fit the punk rock style. Without chairs, everyone was milling around,talking, and dancing the entire time. There was definitely a mosh pit, which I unwillingly almost became a part of a few times, but every time you started to fall down, there were many hands to hold you and help you back up again. I truly felt a part of a small, inclusive group of German punk rockers.


The bands, ZSK and Slime, sounded just as good as they did on tape! There was absolutely no lip syncing and I loved being so close to the stage. Some of the band members even gave beer to the people in the very front, including my lucky boyfriend. When the band wanted beer themselves, they simply gave money to the crowd, which was passed along until it reached the bar, which then exchanged it for beer that was passed to the stage. Simply awesome.


The small venue for the concert was just as loud as you would expect from a few hundred screaming Germans.


We found the one Donner shop open in Keil at almost midnight and enjoyed a small meal before going home and passing out from exhaustion.

We look so tired…
The next morning train ride back to Husum featuring my new sweatshirt

It seems this was another study abroad/getting out of your comfort zone success story. I look forward to future german punk rock concerts, one coming up in just a month or two 😉

Until then,



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