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The Sun Finally Came Out and I’m a Podcaster!

It feels like I haven’t seen the sun in months. I wake up, it’s dark. I bike to school, it’s dark. All day, it’s cloudy. I bike home, it’s dark. The only time of day with sun, approximately 45 minutes, takes place in the morning when I’m at school. When this happens, more often than not my teachers will close the blinds. What a downer. Although we have had less rain than I expected us to have, the incessant grey can be stifling. It’s a constant presence in Husum, probably the reason why this town is nicknamed “Grey Town by the Sea.”

In any case, the sun came out last week! I’ve been looking through the weather forecasts regularly, looking for any hint of forthcoming sun, and it finally happened! It actually happened when I wasn’t in school, writing for this blog, applying for college and scholarships, or at boxing. Ever since last week the sun has come out every day to slowly warm up this cold town and maybe a few hearts with it. (I’m convinced if Husum had sun every day the people would be warmer, literally and figuratively). So, to celebrate this sunlight I’ve been walking instead of riding my bike, walking Molly for extra time, and going to the park again. As my bedroom window faces the north, it doesn’t get much sun and I put my plants in the living room window to get some much-needed photosynthesis going. I feel the same as those plants, refreshed, energized, and warm.

Photo creds to my boyfriend

Schloss Husum (Castle Husum) on one of our evening walks.


Husum is famous for its crocuses, which apparently cover the entirety of the park in a purple blanket in spring. Well, we aren’t quite to blanket level yet but I’ve noticed a few blooms sprouting up. For example, in my local garden community (where you can rent a small patch of land and grow flowers/food/etc. , someone grew crocuses in the shape of a heart. Yesterday being Valentine’s Day, I felt this quite fitting.


In other news, my host mom and I decided to make a podcast! (That’s now the middle link between Twitter and Pinterest under my blog’s title).

The reasoning behind this decision was simple: my host dad has three podcasts, so why don’t we make one? (His podcasts are awesome… they are linked below) Both of my host parents are really involved in the German podcasting community, so we already had all of the equipment we needed and a platform of fans from my host dad. We also felt it would be a very good opportunity to share our experiences of student exchange with other prospective exchangers and host families. I don’t believe a podcast such as this that equally shows the perspectives of both host families and exchange students exists. And one more thing, the thing that scared me the most about undergoing this endeavour… my podcast is in my second language. That’s right. It’s in German. Our original idea was to do it in a Denglish of sorts, that is, a mixture of Deutsch and English. Now, however, my German is at a point where I don’t really need to speak much English. That doesn’t mean my German is perfect. It is quite far from it, but it shows that I can converse easily after five months in Germany.

We already have three episodes produced on our website, linked below. If you speak English, not to worry. We will be producing some episodes in English in the future.

You can download the podcast on the standard platforms you keep your podcasts on. If you have any questions you would like answered from me or my host mom, about student exchange, life in Germany, or what it’s like to share your home with a stranger for a year, shoot right over to our website and get to asking!


Until then,


Links to my host dad’s awesome podcasts:

Everything about being Transgender with guest Tobi

The day-to-day in the life of Jörn Schaar

Good reviews about bad shark films



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