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Partying with German Punk Rockers: Less Scary than it Sounds

Since arriving in Germany, I've been loving trying new things, whether it's food, sports, traditions, or even music. One of these things I did two weeks ago. Being raised on Fleetwood Mac and classical music, I've never gone to a punk rock concert before. So, when my boyfriend invited me to a one a few... Continue Reading →

The Sun Finally Came Out and I’m a Podcaster!

It feels like I haven't seen the sun in months. I wake up, it's dark. I bike to school, it's dark. All day, it's cloudy. I bike home, it's dark. The only time of day with sun, approximately 45 minutes, takes place in the morning when I'm at school. When this happens, more often than... Continue Reading →


Amsterdam is one of those cities famous in American cinema mainly for its unique architectural and liberal perspective. A city rich in history, you can see the Anne Frank house, serene canals, sex workers, and coffee shops all in one day. I never thought it to be a city I would go to, save to... Continue Reading →

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