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Köln, Castles, and Kind of Like Pennsylvania: Teil Eins

Work hard, play hard seems to be the anthem of the Deutsch Volk. That being established, in the month of October, I had three weeks off of school for the Herbst Pause. During this break, I went with my host parents of the most epic vacation I've ever been on, and we played hard. This... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas… is snow!

Northern Germany doesn't get much snow. Most of the time, it is only cold and rainy here. Like a perpetual November that doesn't go away. Today, however, while my boyfriend and I were eating brunch, we got the news that snow was predicted for an whole hour this evening. It has only ever flurried this... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving: Deutsch und Vegan

As half of being an Exchange Student is sharing your Culture with your Host Country, I took November 22nd as a prime opportunity to do so. With the entirety of my family celebrating Thanksgiving together in the States, I decided to make my own celebration. In the middle of November, I began finding recipes, making... Continue Reading →

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