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Kalt und Müde

Some days all Germany has alloted me is being cold and tired, or so I thought. One of these such days was the 23rd of September. That day was the last day of the Late Orientation camp for AFS exchange students in the Northern Germany region. When the last activities were finished and the last... Continue Reading →

Büsum, Not Husum

Not very far from where I make my home in Germany, there is a small town called Büsum. Like Husum, it is on the ocean. Like Husum, it has the small town Northern Germany aesthetic. Unlike Husum, if you take a bus to Büsum you will not end up in Husum.I've heard a story about... Continue Reading →

Late Orientation Camp :)

When you study abroad in Germany with AFS, you are placed into a region and each region has a team of AFS employees and volunteers who coodinate events for the students in each region. My region, the --- region, includes basically all of the exchange students from the very nothern part of Germany. September 21st-23rd... Continue Reading →

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