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Want to go to Starbucks?

“Want to go to Starbucks?” was a phrase I said far to often when I lived in the U.S. With a drastic lack of small, privately owned European style cafes, the U.S. is truly at a loss, something I think many people realise. In Germany, every cafe has its own style and personality, and there are so many cafes in Husum that I can essentially choose a Cafe based on my mood. For example, I am now sitting in Jaqueline’s Cafe, a little cafe tucked into one of the most picturesque roads in Husum: the road leading to the castle. The inside has red walls, comfortable music, and homey decorations. There is a large outdoor seating area, but I am sitting on a comfortable couch inside, as I am nursing a cold and wanted to sit in a warmer place, despite the beautiful October weather. I know my Mother, whom is always my Cafe buddy, would love it here right now. All of the trees have bright orange and red leaves, and the roads look like they are on fire at first glance. If you look into the street, you can see a menagerie of Germans wearing their prettiest sweaters and cycling in the middle of the cobble stone road, most likely to a cafe such as the one I’m sitting in.

At any given moment, the cafes in Husum are bustling with hungry Germans ordering their Kaffe und Kuchen. The best difference between American and German cafes is that in Germany, most, if not all, of the cafes have a wide range of food to choose from. So a cafe isn’t just for Kaffee, like many are in the U.S., but rather they are for sitting, socializing, and eating. I’ve been to Jacquelines Cafe one other time with an exchange student from the Czech Republic and the gulasch she ordered looked fantastic (a link to her blog is here, go read her perspective of Germany: ). Another cafe with good food in Husum is the Künstler cafe, which I love for its wide selection of tarts and cakes and it’s gorgeous back garden. The coffee itself is so much better in Germany, most likely due to the better quality milk they use in their lattes. The first time I had a latte here, I couldn’t believe how good it tasted and since then I’ve drunk many more. Generally, you can’t find almond milk or any milk substitute in cafes in Germany. So if you are vegan or lactose intolerant, I recommend an espresso. However, in supermarkets, milk and meat alternatives are common. I’ve decided to be vegetarian here, so I’ve only had meat a few times when there had been no other option, like at the AFS camps. I frankly don’t miss it at all. My diet is rich in bread, cheese, lattes, and curry and I feel very well nourished.

Another cafe worthy of noting is the cafe located in Schloss vor Husum, with a seating area in the courtyard of the castle and delicious cake. This cafe is probably bets noted for it’s beautiful location, if nothing else. Better prices and food can be located elsewhere, but you are really paying for the view.
In conclusion, I go to cafes way to much in Germany and my bank account is showing it. It’s usually 3-5 Euros for a latte and 4-6 for a slice of cake ( which isn’t necessary but the displays make them impossible to resist). At least I’m well caffeinated 🙂

Wishing you well caffeinated and cake filled days,


PS This post is especially dedicated to my Cafe buddy and Mother who was in my mind as I sipped my coffee, biked though the October colored foliage, and wrote this blog post. Happy birthday and much love always from Germany. – Your Abby

Essen aus Künstler Cafe. Salmon kiche


Deutschland has better lattes


Mein wunderschoener Gastmutter




Schloss vor Husum from my favorite sitting spot by the moat


The Cafe in Schloss Husum


Jacqueline’s Cafe


The gardens next to the castle: perfect for journaling


My new bike 🙂 you can’t live in Husum without one

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  1. Best birthday present ever, Abby! I love reading about your life in another part of the world. You are blessed beyond measure by this experience. Someday you and I will visit the wonderful cafes together and you can buy me a proper German coffee ☕️

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