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Herbst Markt

On the 3rd of Oktober, I delved fully into Autumnal stereotypes and went to an Autumn Market, German style. This market took place at a national landmark of sorts. It was at a town that has been preserved since Medieval times, so it was just as historical as it was scenic. I went there with my host family (including Molly) and some of their friends who live close by. The many old buildings that were in the park were filled with vendors of all sorts: wool, candy, jewelry and more I don’t know of as we only got to walk through part of the market. There were many stands filled with steaming hot food that was perfect for the cold day; most notibly including roasted almonds with lavendar, Baumkuchen, pommes (french fries), and crepes with marzipan. One food that so clearly demonstrated a cultural difference was ice cream. The line for the ice cream station was over an hour long. Even when I couldn’t feel my feet, the Germans wanted ice cream. The children especially loved the carnival rides that were set up. A mini horse carousel and a swing carousel were set up among the trees (both of which me and my host mom were turned away from because we are “too big”. My favorite thing at the market, besides the overall vibe, was the Glühwein. It was what gave me life while walking through the never ending market and what warmed me up when the sun went down. There was a pen of goats which you could feed for a Euro, all hugely large due to the overfeeding (just as I will be soon from all of this delicious German food). This market got me extremely excited for the Weihnachtsmarkt, which is soon to come and is sure to be one of the highlights of my exchange, and Holloween. Even though many Germans don’t celebrate Holloween, I am because I’m going to a Holloween celebration at a local pub for a close friend’s birthday. Any ideas of what I should be?

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