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Your ship is going down and I am NOT going to save you

German school is truly terrifying sometimes. Like, for example, when a boy forgot his homework and the teacher simply stated, "Your ship is going down and I am NOT going to save you." All I could think was, "Damn, ok then." And like the time I was in biology class, ready to play with microscopes,... Continue Reading →

are we all so different after all?

During my time here in Germany, all 5 days of it, I've noticed some basic differences between Germans and Americans. These are simply general observations and generalizations and don't hold true in every situation. Germans don't have boxes of tissues in every room like Americans do, they rather have small packets of tissues in their... Continue Reading →

a trip to basically Denmark

Flensburg, if you didn't know, is a town in Northern Germany that is basically Denmark. It's 7km away, to be exact. The architechture, however, looks like it's straight out of Denmark. There is Danish writing in many of the shops (Many of which claim to be Danish themselves). The reason for this Danish influence in... Continue Reading →

Speedwell Scholarship Picnic

How do you properly thank someone who gave you not only $15,800, but the best opportunity and year of your life? What can you say that would encompass your gratitude? Those were the questions I asked myself, my family, and my friends before I went to the 2018 Speedwell Scholar picnic, hosted by Mike and... Continue Reading →

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