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Do You Even Speak German?

This question is one that I get the most often from people who I talk to about going to Germany. The short answer is yes, but not fluently. I started learning German when I was twelve because I was inspired. I was introduced to a woman at my Uncle's annual Christmas party whose son was... Continue Reading →

3 Week Check In:

Three weeks from today I will be making the decision to leave the life I now know, permanently, in search of an adventure. Once I get on the plane, there is no turning back. I can't come home and I can't look at my best friend's face in person. All our communication will be through... Continue Reading →

Pre-Departure Orientation

May is possibly the worst month for students in the U.S., ask any of them. May is a time of studying, testing, anxiety, and spring-fever. My schedule mainly consisting of studying for the AP Chemistry test, the AP European history test, finals for the rest of my classes, and the SAT, I was burned out.... Continue Reading →

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